FIFA 23: How to Complete RTTK Robin Gosens Challenge

Would you like to know how to complete the RTTK Robin Gosens challenge in FIFA 23? In FIFA 23, there is a new batch of Objectives to accomplish, including one featuring Inter Milan left-back Robin Gosens. If you complete this Challenge, you will be able to get his 84-rated card, one of the best full-backs in the game. In this guide, we’ll explain how to complete the FIFA 23 challenge for RTTK Robin Gosens.

FIFA 23 How to Complete RTTK Robin Gosens Challenge
FIFA 23: How to Complete RTTK Robin Gosens Challenge

What is the RTTK Robin Gosens challenge in FIFA 23?

Robin Gosens is featured in the second promo for FIFA 23’s RTTK (Road To The Knockout) Challenge. In addition to playing left-back for Inter Mila, Robin Gosens is also a member of the German national team. Also capable of playing as a winger, he is a versatile player.
In FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), the Road To The Knockout promo is a game challenge. Participants in this tournament will receive promo-themed cards with future upgrade eligibility. As a reward for completing the RTTK Robin Gosens challenge, you can purchase an 84 OVR player item of Inter Milan’s LWB Robin Gosens.

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How to complete the RTTK Robin Gosens challenge in FIFA 23?

You must complete four objectives to complete the RTTK Robin Gosens challenge. Here are the objectives:

#ChallengeRequirements Rewards
1Thread the NeedleAssist five goals with through balls in Squad Battles matches75+ OVR Rated Rare Player and 300 XP
2German FirepowerScore seven goals using German players in Squad BattlesGold Pack and 300 XP
3Complete PackageScore and assist using Serie A players in three separate Squad Battles matches onTwo Players Pack and 300 XP
4Skilled WinnerWin six Squad Battles matches while having min. Three Serie A players and min. Three German players in your starting lineupSmall Electrum Players Pack and 300 XP

To receive the rewards, you must complete this challenge on at least a Semi-Pro difficulty level (or Rivals).

A complete guide to the RTTK Robin Gosens Challenge in FIFA 23

The following tips and tricks will help you to achieve the RTTK Robin Gosens challenge in FIFA 23 if you follow them:

  1. In order to accomplish the first objective, Thread the Needle, you will need to play possession-based football so that you can look for through balls that will lead to your strikers
  2. To achieve the second objective, German Firepower, you will need to build a squad that has German players in it. By clicking the “My Squad” tab, you can change the nationality filter to “Players from Germany” and then click the “Create New Squad” button.
  3. The third objective, Complete Package, it can be accomplished by playing Series A teams in Squad Battles in order to achieve the goal. You can do this by selecting “Series A” in the league filter under the “Opponents” tab.
  4. As a fourth objective, Skilled Winner, you must have at least three players in your starting lineup who are from Serie A and German. Serie A can be filtered in the league filter and the player type filter by selecting “Starting 11 + reserves” under the “My Squad” tab.

You will receive the 84-rated Robin Gosens card once you have completed all four objectives of the game. The player can be used in any squad, and he will be a great addition to any Serie A or Bundesliga team that decides to purchase this card. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and best of luck with the challenge!

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