MM2 Value List

Are you looking for an MM2 Value List? Then you have come to the right place! As for today’s post, we will discuss the codes for the MM2 value list 2022. Friends, here you will find the complete list of codes. In order to make informed decisions and make the most of your Commons, Uncommons, Rares, Legends, Vintage, Godly and Unique items, you must have a working knowledge of the MM2 value list. Pets and Miscellaneous? Here you will find all the information you need.

MM2 Value List

What is the MM2 Value List?

There are certain values associated with MM2 games. By using this value list, players will be able to trade game items more effectively. It is common for players to be confused about this list, however. To resolve this issue, this article provides the most up-to-date and most effective Roblox mm2 value list for 2022. We will also guide you through the maximum mm2 value list, sneaky mm2 value list, JD mm2 value list, mm2 trading server, mm2 wiki, and much more. To learn more about mm2 value trade checker, read the article at the end.

Ancient MM2 Value List

Ancient MM2 Value ListValueType
Niks Scythe150000 (Trade Only)Ancient
Elderwood Scythe155 (Trade Only)Ancient
Log Chopper125 (Trade Only)Ancient
Hallowschythe120 (Trade and also Buy)Ancient
Icebreaker160 (2020 Xmas Event)Ancient
Batwing85 (Trade Only)Ancient
Ice Wing60 (Trade Only)Ancient

Uniques MM2 Value List

MM2 Value List UniquesValueType
Corrupt2050 (Trade Only)Uniques
Gold Trophies150,000 (All of them)Uniques

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MM2 Godly Value List

MM2 Godly Value ListValueType
Seer10x T1 Legendary (Crafting also Trade)Godlys
ChromaLightbringer245 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
ChromaDarkbringer245 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
ChromaLuger205 (Unbox)Godlys
Chroma Gemstone185 (Mystery Crate)Godlys
Chroma Heat180 (Unbox)Godlys
Chroma Laser175 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Chroma Fang150 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Chroma Tides140 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Chroma Shark135 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
ChromaDeathShard120 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
ChromaSlasher115 (Unbox)Godlys
ChromaSeer100 (Crafting)Godlys
Chroma Boneblade98 (Trade)Godlys
Chroma Saw95 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
ChromaGingerblade90 (Trade)Godlys
Sugar185 (Trade)Godlys
Candy185 (Trade)Godlys
Red Luger110 (Trade)Godlys
Eternal Cane130 (Trade)Godlys
Luger Cane125 (Trade)Godlys
Eternal IV115 (Trade)Godlys
Elderwood Revolver120 (Trade)Godlys
Amerilaser95 (Trade)Godlys
Ginger Luger802 (Trade)Godlys
Jinglegun70 (Buy or also Trade)Godlys
Pixel110 (Trade)Godlys
Old Glory90 (Trade)Godlys
Clockwork65 (Trade)Godlys
Blaster80 (Trade)Godlys
Virtual75 (Trade)Godlys
EternalIII65 (Trade)Godlys
Green Luger125 (Trade)Godlys
Iceblaster120 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Xmas85 (Trade)Godlys
Hallows Edge83 (Trade)Godlys
Luger80 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Eternal II67 (Trade)Godlys
Minty70 (Trade)Godlys
Boneblade55 (Trade)Godlys
Tides70 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Chill60 (Trade)Godlys
Flames50 (Trade)Godlys
Hallowgun65 (Trade)Godlys
Shark60 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Handsaw55 (Trade)Godlys
Heat60 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Battle Axe II58 (Trade)Godlys
Eternal55 (Trade)Godlys
Spider75 (Trade)Godlys
Pumpking53 (Trade)Godlys
Laser48 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Lightbringer45 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Darkbringer45 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Slasher43 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Fang43 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Death Shard40 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Nebula40 (Nebula gamepass and also trading)Godlys
BattleAxe38 (Trade)Godlys
Gingerblade38 (Trade)Godlys
Night Blade38 (Buy also Trade)Godlys
Winters Edge35 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Ice Dragon35 (Trade)Godlys
Red Seer35 (Crafting also Trade)Godlys
Blue Seer35 (Crafting also Trade)Godlys
Purple Seer35 (Crafting also Trade)Godlys
Orange Seer35 (Crafting also Trade)Godlys
Yellow Seer35 (Crafting also Trade)Godlys
Gemstone35 (Mystery Crate)Godlys
Frostsaber32 (Trade)Godlys
Snowflake32 (Trade)Godlys
Ice Shard30 (Buy also Trade)Godlys
Saw25 (Unbox also Trade)Godlys
Hallows Blade25 (Trade)Godlys
Vampires Edge25 (Buy also Trade)Godlys
Ghost Blade22 (Trade)Godlys
Frostbite20 (Trade)Godlys
Peppermint20 (buy or also Trade)Godlys
Cookieblade20 (buy or also Trade)Godlys
Heartblade20 (buy or also Trade)Godlys
Eggblade18 (Buy also Trade)Godlys
Prismatic12 (Buy also Trade)Godlys
Bioblade10 (Buy also Trade)Godlys

Vintage MM2 Value List

Vintage MM2 Value ListValueType
America70 (Trade)Vintage
Golden65 (Trade)Vintage
Blood50 (Trade)Vintage
Phaser35 (Trade)Vintage
Prince25 (Trade)Vintage
Shadow25 (Trade)Vintage
Laser20 (Trade)Vintage
Ghost15 (Trade)Vintage
Splitter10 (Trade)Vintage
Cowboy5 (Trade)Vintage

MM2 Legendary Value List

MM2 Legendary Value List ValueType
JD210 (Trade)Legendary
Cotton Candy215(Trade)Legendary
Green Elite160 (Trade)Legendary
Ghost Knife150 (Trade)Legendary
Tree (gun)140 (Trade)Legendary
Tree (knife)140 (Trade)Legendary
Web130 (Trade)Legendary
Rupture130 (Trade)Legendary
Ghost Gun45 (Trade)Legendary
Scratch20 (Trade)Legendary
Cavern Knife16 (Trade)Legendary
Ginger Gun4 (Trade)Legendary
Santas Magic3 (Trade)Legendary
Red Fire2 (Trade)Legendary
Witched2 (Trade)Legendary
Ripper Knife2 (Event Tier System)Legendary
Blue Scratch1 (Trade)Legendary
Blue Elite1 (Trade)Legendary
Green Fire1 (Trade)Legendary
Predator (knife)4x T1 Legend (Crafting also Trade)Legendary
Emerald4x T1 Legend (Crafting also Trade)Legendary
Sparkle4x T1 Legend (Crafting also Trade)Legendary
Overseer (gun)4x T1 Legend (Crafting also Trade)Legendary
Midnight4x T1 Legend (Crafting also Trade)Legendary
Skulls4x T1 Legend (Trade)Legendary
Ripper Gun4x T1 Legend (Trade)Legendary
Ginger Knife3x T1 Legend (Trade)Legendary
Rune1x T1 Legend (Mystery Crate)Legendary
Cavern Gun3x T1 Legend (Trade)Legendary
Splash Gun1x T1 Legend (Unbox also Trade)Legendary
Elite4x T1 Rare (Buy also Trade)Legendary
Shiny4x T1 Rare (Unbox)Legendary
Fusion4x T1 Rare (Unbox)Legendary
Fade4x T1 Rare (Unbox)Legendary
Splash4x T1 Rare (Unbox)Legendary
Universe4x T1 Rare (Unbox)Legendary
Overseer (knife)4x T1 Rare (Unbox)Legendary
Predator (gun)4x T1 Rare (unbox)Legendary
Plasmite4x T1 Rare (unbox)Legendary
Viper4x T1 Rare (unbox)Legendary

Rare MM2 Value List

Rare MM2 Value List ValueType
Cane ( knife)160 (Trade)Rare
Cane ( gun)160 (Trade)Rare
Toxic Knife130 (Trade)Rare
Ginger ( gun)125 (Trade)Rare
Ginger ( knife)125 (Trade)Rare
Mummy110 (Trade)Rare
Jack90 (Trade)Rare
Vampire Gun35 (Trade)Rare
Toxic Gun25 (Trade)Rare
Vampire Knife20 (Trade)Rare
Orange Marble15 (Trade)Rare
Bats12 (Trade)Rare
Cane Knife2 (Trade)Rare
Icicles Gun2 (Trade)Rare
Ghosts4x T1 Legend (Trade)Rare
Monster2x T1 Legend (Trade)Rare
Aurora knife2x T1 Legend (Trade)Rare
Candy Swirl Gun2x T1 Legend (Trade)Rare
Snakebite Knife2x T1 Legend (Trade)Rare
Nether1x T1 Legend (Crafting also Trade)Rare
Spitfire1x T1 Legend (Crafting also Trade)Rare
Damp1x T1 Legend (Crafting also Trade)Rare
Molten ( gun)1x T1 Legend (Crafting also Trade)Rare
Molten ( knife)1x T1 Legend (Crafting also Trade)Rare
Bones1x T1 Legend (Unbox also Trade)Rare
Portal1x T1 Legend (Unbox also Trade)Rare
Snowy4x T1 Rare (Trade)Rare
Gingerbread4x T1 Rare (Trade)Rare
Magma3x T1 Rare (Trade)Rare
Green Marble3x T1 Rare (Trade)Rare
Cane Gun3x T1 Rare (Trade)Rare
Icicles Knife3x T1 Rare (Trade)Rare
Rainbow ( gun)1x T1 Rare (Mystery Crate)Rare
Aurora Gun1x T1 Rare (Trade)Rare
Candy Swirl Knife1x T1 Rare (Trade)Rare
Snakebite Gun1x T1 Rare (Trade)Rare
Dungeon1x T1 Rare (Trade)Rare
Space1x T1 Rare (Unbox also Trade)Rare
Deep Sea1x T1 Rare (Unbox also Trade)Rare
Nightfire1x T1 Rare (Unbox also Trade)Rare
Galaxy4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Rainbow4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Imbued4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Galactic4x T1 Uncommon (Gun Box 1)Rare
Krypto4x T1 Uncommon (Knife box 2)Rare
Spectrum4x T1 Uncommon (Knife box 2)Rare
iRevolver4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Hacker4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Nova4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Vortex4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Ace4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Bacon4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Korblox4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Squire4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Abstract4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Musical4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Black4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare
Purple4x T1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Rare

MM2 Value List Pets

MM2 Value List PetsValueType
Chroma Fire Bunny160 (hatch also trade)Pets
Chroma Fire Bat150 (hatch also trade)Pets
ChromaFire Cat145 (hatch also trade)Pets
ChromaFire Fox125 (hatch also trade)Pets
Chroma Fire Pig115 (hatch also trade)Pets
ChromaFire Bear100 (hatch also trade)Pets
Chroma Fire Dog85 (hatch also trade)Pets
Purple Pumpkin140 (Trade)Pets
<3120 (trade)Pets
Steambird130 (trade)Pets
Phoenix125 ( trade)Pets
Sammy120 (trade)Pets
DeathSpeaker120 (Pet Box 1)Pets
Electro115 (trade)Pets
Frost Bird100 (trade)Pets
Blue PumpkinValue -75 (Trade)Pets
Jet65 (Buy also Trade)Pets
Red Pumpkin 201960 (Trade)Pets
Green Pumpkin 201955 (Trade)Pets
Eyeball45 (Buy also Trade)Pets
Fire Bat35 (hatch also trade)Pets
Fire Bear35 (hatch also trade)Pets
FireBunnyValue -35 (hatch also trade)Pets
Ice Phoenix35 (Buy also trade)Pets
FireFox25 (hatch also trade)Pets
Fire Pig25 (hatch also trade)Pets
Fire Cat25 (hatch also trade)Pets
Traveller25 (Trade)Pets
Nobledragon25 (Unboxed)Pets
Tankie25 (Unbox)Pets
Fire Dog20 (hatch also trade)Pets
Mechbug20 (Unbox)Pets
Skelly5 (Buy also trade)Pets
Ghosty5 (Trade)Pets
Icey3 (Buy also trade)Pets
Overseer Eye5 (Buy also trade)Pets
Red Pumpkin5 (Trade)Pets
Green Pumpkin4 (Trade)Pets
Rudolph2 (Trade)Pets
Vampire Bat2 (Trade)Pets
Bat1x Tier 1 Legend (hatch also trade)Pets
Blue Pumpkin 20191x Tier 1 Legend (Trade)Pets
Elitey2x Tier 1 Rare (Buy also Trade)Pets
Elf 20192x Tier 1 Rare (Trade)Pets
Black Cat2x Tier 1 Rare (Trade)Pets
Zombie Dog2x Tier 1 Rare (Trade)Pets
Bear1x Tier 1 Rare (hatch also trade)Pets
Pumpkin4x Tier 1 Uncommon (Trade)Pets
Fairy3x Tier 1 Uncommon (Buy also Trade)Pets
Dogey2x Tier 1 Uncommon (Unbox)Pets
Chilly2x Tier 1 Uncommon (Hatch also trade)Pets
Seahorsey2x Tier 1 Uncommon (Unboxed)Pets
Fox1x Tier 1 Uncommon (Hatch also trade)Pets
Pig1x Tier 1 Uncommon (Hatch also trade)Pets
Pumpkin 20191x Tier 1 Uncommon (Trade)Pets
Reindeer3x Tier 1 Common (Trade)Pets
Elf3x Tier 1 Common (Trade)Pets
Piggy2x Tier 1 Common (Trade)Pets
Pengy2x Tier 1 Common (Trade)Pets
UFO2x Tier 1 Common (Trade)Pets
Badger2x Tier 1 Common (Unbox)Pets
Santa Dog1x Tier 1 Common (Trade)Pets
Bunny1x Tier 1 Common (Hatch also trade)Pets
Cat1x Tier 1 Common (Hatch also trade)Pets
Dog1x Tier 1 Common (Hatch also trade)Pets

Boxes & Keys MM2 Value List

Boxes & Keys MM2 ValueValueType
Box of Ultra Wrap490 (Trade)Boxes & Keys
Box of Gold Papers415 (Trade)Boxes & Keys
Boxes of Purple Papers290 (Trade)Boxes & Keys
Box of Blue Papers220 (Trade)Boxes & Keys
Box of Red Papers165 (Trade)Boxes & Keys
Boxes of Green Papers140 (Trade)Boxes & Keys
Box of Fert75 (Trade)Boxes & Keys
Xmas Gifts2 (Trade)Boxes & Keys
Mystery Keys1 (Buy and also Trade)Boxes & Keys
Snowflake Key1 (Trade)Boxes & Keys
Skeleton Key1 (Trade)Boxes & Keys

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